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Scheduling payment plan changes

Available to:  Admins
Optional Permissions Required:  None
System Settings Required:  None

Multiple price changes to membership payment plans can be set in advance. Price changes will apply to future scheduled membership fee payments for both new and existing customers. This is a useful functionality for planning sales, annual price increases, and other promotions on membership prices. To plan one or more price changes to a membership plan:

  1. Go to System Settings then Membership Plans
  2. Find the membership in the list
  3. Click on the pencil “edit” icon associated with Payment Plans


  4. Once you are in the menu for the payment plan you would like to schedule a payment plan change for select the pencil “edit” icon associated with it
  5. Now select the pencil icon with the text Schedule a Future Price Change


  6. Enter the new price you would like the membership plan to cost as well as the date this price change will take effect
  7. If there are no other further changes that you would like to schedule, click next
  8. If you would like to schedule further rate changes then repeat steps 5-6 and then click next once finished
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