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Utilizing rainchecks

Issuing a Raincheck

  1. Select the Orders tab, then select the Manage Orders sub-tab.
  2. Use the Date Range or Find an Order filters on the page to search for the particular Order. You can also use the Customize View option to provide further filtering on the Orders results.
  3. Select the Order Number that you wish to issue the Raincheck on to move to the Order.
  4. Select the “Issue Raincheck” option under the Order Items screen.
  5. Enter in both the amount and quantity of Rainchecks to be issued. If desired, update the number of days before the Raincheck(s) will expire. If no expiration is desired, enter 0.
  6. Select “Submit Raincheck.”

Please note: Each Raincheck issued will have a unique code that begins with RC followed by 8 digits. For example: RC00000003.

Raincheck issued screen

Raincheck issued screen

Redeeming a Raincheck

  1. Bring a tee time into the Order tab.
  2. Select “Add a Payment” under the Payment screen.
  3. Select the Gift Certificate/Card/Rainchecks tab.
  4. Under the dropdown, select “Raincheck.”
  5. Enter in the Raincheck code you’d like to apply.
  6. Select “Add this Payment,” and close the order.

Please note the following:

  • You can redeem only one (1) Raincheck per Order.
  • If you have multiple Green Fees, the Raincheck will apply to the first Green Fee in the Order.
  • If the value of the Raincheck is greater than the value of the Green Fee, the leftover value on the Raincheck will be eliminated and set to 0.
  • Rainchecks cannot be redeemed between locations and are location-specific.
Raincheck redeemed success screen

Raincheck redeemed success screen

Utilizing the Raincheck reports

Raincheck SSRS report

This report is enabled by location.

  1. Select the Reports tab. Search and open the Raincheck report, once enabled.
  2. Select the “Date Range”, then select “View Report.”
  3. Users can filter the output by Raincheck Status by clicking on each of the Status type links.
  4. Users can also Print the Report or export it to .csv.

Raincheck .aspx report

  1. Select Marketing Tab, then select the Rainchecks sub-tab.
  2. Fill in search criteria, if desired, and select “Search.”
  3. Users can select the Edit option to go to a new page where they can extend or shorten the Expiration Date of the Raincheck.
  4. Users can also select the Cancel option to Cancel the Raincheck.

Raincheck settings

  1. Select the System Settings link.
  2. Under General Settings, select “Raincheck Settings.”
  3. Users can edit the default number of days that a Raincheck will default to for their expiration date.
    • This is the value that shows when issuing a Raincheck in the Orders tab, but can be updated for each Issued Raincheck.

For a printable view, click here.

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