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Viewing Product Hierarchy and reporting

Viewing Product Hierarchy within G1

Locations throughout G1 that previously displayed Category and Sub-Category will now also display Department. Examples include:

  • Adding an item to an order will now feature the new Hierarchy.
  • When creating a new product, you will now have to specify the Department, along with the Category and Sub-Category.


Updates to existing reports

The GolfNow Transactions report has been updated to ensure the new Product Hierarchy structure is being reported on.

  • When viewing the GolfNow Transaction report, toggle to the Item View.
  • Once the report is generated, scroll all the way to the right. You will now see columns for Department, Category, and Sub-Category.




New reports

Two new reports were created to easily view and report on the Product Hierarchy structure.

  • Sales by Department (available at location and brand level)
  • Sales by Department – Brand (only available at brand level)

These reports default to showing the Department only. Click on the plus (+) signs to expand the Department into the Category, further expanding the report to show Sub-Categories and products.



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