Taking advantage of social media that’s B2B

Are you following GolfNow Business?

To effectively manage a golf operation, you’ve got to be a leader. But in one way you should be a follower, too. We’re talking about following GolfNow Business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. It’s simple to do for anyone who’s got an active account on these platforms.

It’s a wise move for any operator or manager who has to pick their spots for reading up on current business trends and the latest best practices. Everything you see published by GolfNow Business, as part of The Index, is targeted to deliver just that. However, finding time to delve into the latest offerings can be a challenge, especially during busy times for your operation.

The solution devised earlier this year was to use social media as a sort of backstop—it’s all about making sure that GolfNow partner courses don’t miss out on news and information they can leverage to operate more efficiently and successfully.

It was the Business Engagement team at GolfNow that earlier this year set up this social-media connection for partner courses. The group’s Director, Katie Kiefer, has been pleased to see a rapid increase in signups, particularly over the past several months. She reports that September engagement, as measured by likes and shares, was up nearly 40 percent over August activity. And the posts on these social networks are beginning to spark some peer-to-peer conversation. That’s an information source of which managers can make great use.

“We’re constantly learning what the course operators who follow us on Facebook and the other platforms want to read and want to see from GolfNow Business,” says Kiefer. “We know there is a great deal of highly useful content on The Index, and we also know that not everyone consumes media the same way. We saw social media as a way to remind course managers about something they may have planned to read at some point when they had a little free time.”

The social media networks also are used to welcome new course partners, Katie notes. When a Facebook post or a Tweet from the GolfNowBusiness account comes your way, it will often contain a link back to something posted here on The Index, along with a quick blurb about the topic covered. In the space of a few seconds you can click on ahead and read all or part of what’s been mentioned, or perhaps recommend the article to a fellow staff member to read.

Following on all three platforms doesn’t mean receiving the same message three different times. “We don’t blanket-share on all three outlets at once,” says Kiefer. “And we keep a close eye on the number of times per day and per week we post on each platform.” The more visually oriented messages end up on Instagram, in keeping with that outlet’s format.

The expectation is that seasonal slowdown in activity in the northern tier will generate a next wave of signups to “follow” GolfNow Business on social media. “We’re always looking for ways to help course operators do their jobs better,” says Kiefer. “We know we have great information, and we think we can be their one-stop shop for innovative ideas.”

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