Daily golf course management best practice #4 – Using utilization information

Welcome to part four of GolfNow’s series of posts to highlight issues, common and not-so-common, that businesses need to consider if they want to improve daily management and operations, while creating greater customer loyalty and increasing their course’s bottom line.

In this post, we will focus on how to best use utilization information.

Gathering the details

In the past, many golf course operators kept a daily diary post to help them track data about rounds, revenue and utilization for their course. Today, Plus by GolfNow can track all of that information for you, because there’s a wealth of knowledge in those important details that can have a positive or negative impact on the financial well-being of your course.

Plus Post 2.2

What makes Plus so helpful is it helps operators gather all the details they need for a full picture of their operation. For instance, if the operator kept a diary or log, but the data he captured was limited to only the rounds and revenue sold for the day, he’s not recording enough data to help inform future decisions.

Dayparts tell the full story

All golf operators should establish consistent dayparts and always view the business by these dayparts. Why does this matter? Because knowing rounds, revenue and utilization by daypart will help to tell the full daily story of the golf course operation, including all the highlights, lowlights, weather and sales data information. This is vital information that can help identify opportunities for rate increases, round increases and staffing improvements.

Plus provides a dedicated inventory specialist, as well as a brand specialist to ensure that your course is on the right path, whether that is in terms of adjusting tee time rates via Autopricing or managing your course’s reputation and marketing. Each specialist is there to offer you customized support.

Want to make the most of your golf operation’s data? Click here to learn more.

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