Women’s Golf Day: Join a global golf movement

The rapid rise in the number of women playing golf isn’t just a trend, but real evidence that women have become a powerful segment of the game – not only socially economically, as well. Saavy golf course operators already know this and, over time, have taken steps to accommodate the needs and wants of the female golfer.

Now in its third year, Women’s Golf Day has become a global golf movement, expected this year to engage a community of 50,000 active women at more than 700 participating locations in 46 countries around the world. Taking place on June 5, this one-day event combines golf with social and networking activities, and gives every woman the opportunity to explore the various golf-related options in her local community.

If you are interested in registering your course as an official Women’s Golf Day location, you can get 10% off the $79 registration fee by using the promo code “GolfNow18.” You’ll also receive a host of other perks and advantages, including:

·      Placement on the #WGD homepage interactive map.

·      Unique profile page on the #WGD website.

·      Marketing toolkit, including social media, posters, graphics, and more.

·      Miscellaneous benefits, including discounted merchandise and more.

For more information about Women’s Golf Day, click here or watch this video clip from Golf Channel’s Morning Drive.

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